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Cabin Air Filter Service

Auto air conditioning repair sometimes includes a cabin air filter. Cabin air filters become clogged with debris and can cause air flow issues. We found this one during a free inspection. Free cabin filter installation with ac service. Filter sold separately.

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Auto Air Conditioning Repair tackles the EVAPORATOR.

Evaporator Replacement

Another successful repair by Auto Air Conditioning Repair. The vehicle came in with a complaint of no cold air from vents. Initial inspection revealed an under charged ac system. We performed an ac leak evaluation and found no apparent leaks under the hood. Suspecting the leak from the dash area, we began the journey.

When we removed the air conditioning evaporator from the box we found it clogged and leaking. If you look closely at the lines into the evaporator, the debris has a darker color. The ac oil has stained the surrounding area. Also, changing the cabin air filter is not an option on some vehicles. Leaving this evaporator catching all the debris.

Auto Air Conditioning Not As Cold?

It is known, to get the coldest temperature out of the vents you must operate the blower at the lowest speed. The heat will be absorbed through the evaporator making the vent temperature the coolest.

There are a few reasons your auto air conditioning may not work and this is a nasty one. The evaporator must allow air to pass through it. This auto air conditioning service involved an ac leak inspection and lead us to removing the dash of the vehicle to inspect the evaporator.

If your ac is not as cold anymore, it may be time for an inspection. Don’t just recharge and let it go!

Catalytic Convertor Problems – Emissions Repairs

Every so often your vehicle may need to pass through an emissions test. If your engine light is on, most likely it will not pass emissions. Simply clearing the light will not help.

Our latest catalyst repair. The engine light is on with catalyst efficiency problems code P0420. It was said that the light was cleared several times, and this problem started about 1 year ago?

The catalytic convertor was replaced along with ignition parts and other service maintenance. Premature catalyst failure can be prevented upon first sign of a problem. If the engine light is on or engine light is flashing, or your car just doesn’t seem like it used to be. It may be time for an engine tune up,  scheduled maintenance or some other emissions repairs.

We are proud to serve our customers with 100% quality and affordable repairs.