Engine Light Diagnostic 

What is engine light diagnostic?

Engine light diagnostic may be performed by anyone with the help of a scan tool. A warning indicator or check engine light comes on to let us know when something is needs attention. The automotive scan tool is used to read vehicle data and with some basic testing the problem can be found. Engine light diagnosis is the use of a scan tool with proper testing techniques to diagnose automotive systems. Auto Air Conditioning Repair has the equipment and knowledge to help with any auto air conditioning or vehicle repairs.

So, if your car won’t start or the battery will not hold a charge. Auto electric service is our strength and knowledge. Take the time to meet us, lets talk about auto repair and diagnostics. Trust a local mechanic in Tempe, rely on a professional auto mechanic with a passion to serve.

How to fix the check engine light?

Engine lights, warning lights, failed car emissions, and problems that are too tough to handle. We have a solution to repair your car right the first time.

When does your car need emissions testing?

Emissions are always the key factor to every engine light or engine performance issues. Car emissions repairs can be as simple as a tune up and can result in premature catalytic convertor failure when vehicle maintenance is overdue.

Oxygen sensor diagnosis is another important automotive repair process. O2 sensors can be costly and are often replaced without proper diagnosis. Testing oxygen sensors begin with basic location and inspection. A vehicle scanner is required to evaluate O2 sensor operation and some basic knowledge can help before replacing an oxygen sensor.

Engine performance is always being monitored by the oxygen sensors. Sensors may turn on a check engine light. Consult our trusted mechanic near Gilbert to help.

With over 20 years experience in the automotive repair industry, we have the right resources and diagnostic skills to repair your car. Diagnostics are not done fast. Plan to leave your car, you’re in good hands.

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