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Auto Air Conditioning Service Questions and Concerns

Why is my car AC not blowing cold air?

ac not blowing cold air

A low refrigerant level can cause the ac not to blow cold. Sometimes a cooling system problem can cause this too. Many vehicles have computer controlled ac systems and when a problem occurs it is recommended to find professional help to prevent more damage.

How often should you recharge your auto air conditioning?

An AC service is recommended once a year. The air conditioning system requires a full charge to carry the oil throughout the system. Servicing the AC system once a year may prevent major auto air conditioning repair.

How much does fixing an AC in a car cost?

The cost for auto air conditioning repair can range from a simple ac recharge to major repairs. An AC service starts with an inspection to rule out any obvious concerns. Vehicle make and model will determine the cost and an evaluation is recommended prior to any service.

air conditioning repair shop $85.00 AC Service Evaluation

Auto air conditioning repair evaluation includes an inspection of the AC system and related systems. An AC evaluation helps to isolate air conditioning symptoms and concerns. If your air conditioning is having performance issues or not working at all, we can figure it out! (Refrigerant Not Included) Please call for details.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Auto AC Shop in Tempe

Clean shop and the best auto ac repair near Me.chanical repairs may included compressor replacement or a simple hose reseal. We find all types of auto air conditioning repair. When the fan is not working or the evaporator is clogged. Whatever the air conditioning repair requires, we have what it takes to make it right. Visit our swift and affordable auto auto air conditioning repair in Tempe.

Choose a specialized AC Service Shop

Choosing a shop to repair auto air conditioning can be frustrating when something does not go as planned. We offer up to date equipment and a great service experience. We can test or diagnose almost all air conditioning performance problems. A service inspection helps to validate any concerns before we repair auto air conditioning systems. Inspection of the cooling system and basic engine operation are part of this inspection. We provide warranties on all repairs.